To Medicate or Not to Medicate

What the China Study Reminds Us?

Recently, the gastroenterologist at work came to me all excited and ask to borrow my "The China Study" book.

He watched a documentary on Netflix where they conducted a study or, I should say, pilot program where participants were able to drop their overall cholesterol level and blood pressure significanly in a mere 10-days period just on a Plant-based diet alone.

He was hooked on the idea and the potential life-saving benefits. He's telling everyone in the clinic. He's going to try the diet on himself.

I'm excited for him too. I'll posted again when I find out his new cholesterol level.

Anyway, I'm writing this post for another reason. If this diet is so good, why can't more people benefit from it. My thought is I have a website that focuses on natural alternative ADHD treatment, not on other chronic illness. How can I help?

This got me thinking...didn't we know all these years that most chronic illnesses, heart diseases and cancers are caused by poor lifestyle choices - crappy food that we eat, sitting around on our butts all day???

But only parents with children with ADHD are interested in alternative natural methods.

I have many consults from parents with children with ADHD or autism wants to find an alternative treatment with diet and supplements. But I have yet recieve an consults for parents asking for an alternative treatment for their teens high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

I have a 17-year-old patient who is obese and started on high blood pressure medication for her new hypertension. She came to see me for about 2-3 months. She followed my advise of eating half her meals fruits and vegetables first, cut out soda and juices, and exercising daily for just 30 minutes. She lost about 30lbs in the time period and we got her off her blood pressure medication, because her blood pressure normalized.

So why can't we have more of these examples on a daily basis?

By the way, if you're interested. The documentaries on Netflix are "Forks Over Knives" and "Plant Pure Nation". They both referenced Dr. Collin Campbell's famous China Study.

Author: Anna

I'm a board-certified Pediatric Nutritionist, who takes care of medically-fragile infants and children in the US Defense System; I'm mother of a teenager and a real estate investor. I love spending time with friends and family playing tennis, golf, hiking and stand-up-paddling. And we live in Honolulu, Hawaii.