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Are you tired of the prescription medication for ADHD? Are you concern that the medication turns your child into a lifeless zombie, and steals away his/her personality and creativity? We might just have the solution you are looking for at Natural Alternative ADHD Treatment.


Most ADHD medications are stimulants that inhibit dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake. Both dopamine and norepinephrine are important neurotransmitters for proper brain function. Chronic use of such medications may increase dopamine and norepinephrine metabolism. This means your body will eventually develop tolerance and dependence on the drug.

Besides, as much as 70% of patients on ADHD medication reports side effects, such as loss of appetite, headaches, sleep disorder, mood swings and personality change. There is also evidence that shows these medications may cause stunt growth. And up to 30% of patients do not respond to stimulants.

On the other hand, natural alternative ADHD treatment works just as well as prescription medication in treating ADHD symptoms, EXCEPT without the side effects mentioned above.

Alternative ADHD treatments are also very affordable compare to prescriptions medications. You can afford these treatmentS without breaking your bank even with no medical insurance coverage.


The reason is that alternative medicine is not endorsed by the medical communities. At least not yet right now. The emphasis in most major hospitals and medical centers is “evidenced-based practice” – that means, every decision made by any providers, including physicians, should be supported by well-designed researches or studies. Many of the benefits of alternative medicine are downplayed or dismissed as lack of scientific evidence. Physicians and healthcare providers are afraid to mention it in fear of classified as “unprofessional”.

Who pays for these researches and studies? Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Big pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies pour millions of dollars each year on researching and developing new medications so they can make more money. Not because they want to cure diseases. For every new medication they develop, the company can obtain a 10-year US patent. Within the 10-year of the patent, the company has the sole right to sell that particular medication, which means the right to monopolize the market for 10 years. After that the medication may be sold as generic by any companies.

Within this 10 years, pharmaceutical reps all over the country visit hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical conferences, host seminar, talks, give out freebies, free dinner, free everything to entice providers to believe that their medication is superb and should start prescribing it to everyone.

Who is advocating for natural ADHD treatment? Who is pouring millions of dollars studying and research natural alternative treatment? Exactly. Nobody.

You can’t get a patent for fish oil. You can’t get a patent for probiotics. These things exist naturally. They are not invented. They are discoveries. So no patent granted for discovering fish oil. Duh…fish has always have oil. Bacteria have always exist since the beginning of life.

So what’s the benefit of spending millions to research the benefit of fish oil? No benefit for you if you’re the one spending the millions. But it benefits everyone else who sells fish oil. Because now people knows the benefit of fish, and will start buying them from anyone who sells it. Not you who spends millions to show that fish oil works.


We believe “We Are What We Eat”, the food we eat determines who we are.

“Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids” is our goal.

We thrive to provide the most accurate health and nutrition information to help families make the best health and fitness decisions for your families and loved ones.

Almost everyone knows proper food and nutrition intake can prevent many chronic diseases and illnesses. In fact, the top two (2) killers in the United States are all diet- and lifestyle-related. And they are heart disease and cancers.

There is a strong link between nutrition and mental disorder, such as autism, ADHD, etc, as well despite limited medical researches and studies showing the effectiveness of diet therapy in these condition. However, anecdotal evidence says otherwise. Many parents and families would attest to the effectiveness of dietary and lifestyle changes in behaviors of their children. Something simple as alleviating constipation or diarrhea with the proper diet is what it takes.

We need to understand that many chronic illnesses and diseases are the results of nutrient deficiencies or malnutrition.

You maybe wondering if I am talking about people in developing third world countries.

I’m talking about diseases anywhere in the world.

The word “disease” is a combination of the prefix “dis-“ and “ease”. So disease describes a body NOT at ease, not functioning well.
Many medical conditions are likely the result of a nutrient deficiencies, which does happen, even in developed countries like the United States.

Even though we don’t have children lying around dying from kwashiorkor or marasmus. But nutrient deficiencies in the United States is a true epidemic.

Think of our food supply, where our foods are coming from – mineral-depleted farmland from over-farming, genetically-modified crops, processed foods that comes in shelf-stable condition.

Think of the last meal that you eat. Did you have any of these foods.

I did.

There is a reason why people in many countries are advocating for more organic and non-GMO food. God made the food perfect for human consumption for the very beginning (except for the apple Adam and Eve stole from the Eden’s Gardern). But over the last 20-30 years, food engineers think it’s really fun to mess with food to solve the so-called world hunger problem.

What big ego?!

Just look at the rate of obesity (I’m not even talking about overweight) in the United States, we’re not even looking other countries with the same epidemic. There is no world hunger. It’s just pockets of areas in the world that food supply and production is difficult due to many unpredictable reasons, wars and poor governmental policies.

Anyway, back to nutrient deficiencies. I’m talking about MICRO-NUTRIENTS deficiencies, minerals and vitamins deficiencies – iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium vitamin C, vitamin Bs, etc.

There are hundreds and even thousands of biochemical reaction pathways in the body that are going on constantly to sustain the function of the body. Each and every single one of these pathways requires at least one mineral and/or vitamin that acts as catalyst to make the pathway happens.

Any deficiency in the minerals and nutrients will result in slowing of metabolism and slowing body function at some biochemical levels.

We may not notice any of these effects right away, but overtime, you’ll notice fatigue. But, of course, you’ll dish it off as you have a stressful job and hectic schedules for your kids.

So when we look at our anemic food supplies – GMO products that are stripped off of essential nutrients, processed food products that have even less nutrients. Then the stress we encounter in our daily lives increases the metabolism of may vital vitamins and minerals.

Can you see how our body can become deficiency in nutrients over time? And you see how eating proper nutrition is difficult?

When there is a mineral or vitamin deficiency, some biochemical reactions are being affected, resulting in the body not functioning properly, and you have “dis-ease”.

And before you know it, ailments and illnesses creep up to you.

It is our goal to provide you and your family with accurate nutrition information to help create the lifestyle changes that will help you heal your body from the inside out naturally with simple and pure nutrition just like God has created for us.

We, as human beings, can only thrive with the right kind of food and nurturing.