Parenting – the love/hate relationship

I was on wits end yesterday

Remember the book that I introduced last year, "A Disease Called Childhood"? The book basically talks about how our society is mistakenly labelling our totally fine and normal children with ADHD because of their behaviors are not what we expected.

Children who are just being their own active and curious self are being labelled with "ADHD".

If that's the case, then all teenagers would have been labelled "bipolar". One minute all sweet and cuddly, next minute full on tantrum and anti-social. But we did not, because we accept that "it's just a teenage phase", they'll grow out of it.

So why can't we also accept that children are meant to be active, curious and trouble-making are normal childhood behaviors.

My daughter is now 15 years old. I always joke about having a 5-year-old who has a vocabulary of a 15-year-old. She still throws tantrum, except now it's with words and attitude, no more screaming and crying spells.

Parenting is difficult. Whether or not your child has ADHD, you just have to accept he/she for who they are. Remember to set boundaries and rules. Children thrive on routine and predictability, which makes them feel secure.

My daughter will be graduating from high school in 2 years. And I've been contemplating the fact that she'll be leaving home to go to college. But when she has one of those teenage tantrum like yesterday, I am glad that it's only 2 years more to deal with her. Maybe this crazy teenage phase is supposed to help parents let go of their children.

Hahaha...just kidding...I'll miss her, and probably move close to where she goes to school.

Author: Anna

I'm a board-certified Pediatric Nutritionist, who takes care of medically-fragile infants and children in the US Defense System; I'm mother of a teenager and a real estate investor. I love spending time with friends and family playing tennis, golf, hiking and stand-up-paddling. And we live in Honolulu, Hawaii.