A Disease Called Childhood

New Book – “A Disease Called Childhood”.

What a sarcastic title? But very fitting.

I have the pleasure to review this book before its release on 24 March 2015.

This is book that long overdue. Dr. Wedge is brilliant and insightful. This is another whistle blower about how our society and economy is so driven by money, more specifically the financial well-being of pharmaceutical companies.

I work in a prestigious local hospital in Honolulu. I see children frequently with ADHD and on stimulants, and I cannot, in my position, to tell them to stop their ADHD medication. As society, we come to respect and trust "doctors" the most. I most I can do is suggest parents to at least try a few dietary changes, and that's only if they're motivated. Otherwise, it's a lot easier to give your child a pill in the morning.

I hope this book will bring more awareness to parents, educators and mostly the medical society.

Every parent with children with ADHD or suspects their children has ADHD should read this book first.

Author: Anna

I'm a board-certified Pediatric Nutritionist, who takes care of medically-fragile infants and children in the US Defense System; I'm mother of a teenager and a real estate investor. I love spending time with friends and family playing tennis, golf, hiking and stand-up-paddling. And we live in Honolulu, Hawaii.